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Type : Foot

Departure from : EAUX-BONNES

Arrival at : EAUX-BONNES

Localisation : Mountain

It is aptly named the Green Mountain pastures remain green even in summer. It must be said that water is abundant and many springs gush from its...

Tel. : +33 5 59 05 33 08

Type : Road

Departure from : BAGNERES-DE-BIGORRE


Lourdes, Cauterets and Pont d'Espagne, Gavarnie, the Col du Tourmalet, the Pic du Midi, all the scenic marvels of Hautes-Pyrénées follow one after...

Type : Tourist on bicycle

Departure from : ARGELES-GAZOST


This itinerary allows you to discover the several villages around Argeles-Gazost and the lovely valley of Extrem de Salles, at the foot of the...

Tel. : 05 62 97 00 25
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Type : Foot

Duration : 1 j

Departure from : EAUX-BONNES - GOURETTE


A route under the sign of landscape discovery. This route that starts at the resort of Gourette (alt.1350 m) takes you from pass to pass, near the...

Type : Foot

Departure from : HAUX

Arrival at : HAUX

Localisation : Mountain

Peaking at 717 m, the Intxuriste top offers a beautiful view of the upper valley of the Gave "the Saison" and the Basque Pyrenees.

Tel. : +33 5 59 28 51 28

Type : Foot

Departure from : TARDETS-SORHOLUS


A breathtaking view over the valley of the river "le saison" and Pyrenees (table). The chapel of la Madeleine, dedicated to Ste Madeleine, was...

Tel. : +33 5 59 28 51 28
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Type : Foot

Departure from : ARAGNOUET

Arrival at : ARAGNOUET

Lac de Catchet (3h there and back)...

Departure from : ACCOUS-JOUERS

Arrival at : ACCOUS-JOUERS

This is a red-blooded vertical kilometre for you. It's steep from the outset and the path climbs to the right then twists and turns after the piste...

Type : Foot

Departure from : ORDIARP

Arrival at : ORDIARP

Localisation : Countryside

Walking on the hill the St -Grégoire overlooking the Valley of Lambarre and offering splendid views of the massive Arbailles and the Pyrenees .

Tel. : +33 5 59 28 02 37
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Type : Tourist on bicycle


Arrival at : LOURDES

Discover one of the most beautiful valleys in the Pyrenees at your own pace, by bike. This route once carried the railway served the spas in Luz...

Tel. : 05 62 42 64 98
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Type : Tourist on bicycle

Departure from : SOULOM

Arrival at : SOULOM

Sporting and challenging route towards the Pyrenees National Park and the cirque de Troumouse, one of the 3 cirque registered with Unesco World...

Tel. : 05 62 92 42 47

Type : Foot

Departure from : LEES-ATHAS

Arrival at : LEES-ATHAS

This lovely trek from Lées is ideal for a late afternoon outing when the valley starts to cool down. It takes walkers down the village streets with...