Guided hike: the path of cayolars


A timeless journey through landscapes
Stunning: beech forests, overhangs
canyons, large pastures occupied by herds
sheep, cows and horses, interspersed with streams, waterfalls ...
to the meeting of Basque shepherds.
The cayolars Trail is an ecotourism project
worn by the inhabitants of the Soule valley, which combines
renovation of heritage, transmission artisanal know-how and development of pastoral areas.
The cayolars concerned who are former sheepfold
have no pastoral and which have been restored
traditional bill for the enjoyment of hikers.
Their basic comfort (lower flanks, table, fireplace) is
largely offset by the beauty of the sites.
Group of 4 to 7 people


Price includes

- Transfers Tardets-La Pierre Saint-Martin and Iraty Tardets the beginning and end of hiking; - Support; - The donkey to transport supplies; - Breakfasts and picnics; - The night 1/2 board for version 5 days / 4 night.

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