Those “Pyrenean Shores”, as described by Alain Bourneton , are one of the significant characteristics of the range. Each mountain has its own blue pearls rosary. According to Louis Audoubert, there are 2500 lakes, which are considered both as hikers’ destination and paradise for fisherman and photographer. A prime example is the famous Lac of Ayous with the Ossau reflection, a site which has been immortalised in many pictures.


The great mountain dweller Louis Audoubert claims that ‘The two biggest lake districts in Southern Europe are the Encantats Mountain in Cataluña, and Néouvielle in the Hautes-Pyrénées.”

Except for the Basque country and the Corbières, the Pyrenees are definitely a lake country.



They’re more than 2500 of them! No mountains are without their deep blue water treasures. From Estany in Cerdagne, Ibon in Aragon, or various ponds in Ariege, like Laurenty in Donezan, either “laquets”, “gourgs” or simply lakes, the designation are numerous and varied over the centuries.

In his book named “La vie des hommes de la montagnes dans les Pyrénées par la toponymie”, Marcelin Bérot writes that the oldest appellation is « Oô ». Nowadays this can only be found in the name Oô Lake, which would mean “the lake of the lake”!
Between 1924 and 1927 Ludovic Gaurier made the first census of Pyrenean Lakes.
In his book named “Atlas des 2010 lacs pyrénéens français”, he explains that glacial action only had a secondary influence on the formation of the majority of the Pyrenean lake system.
Finally, for statistics amateurs, the highest lake is the Lac Glacé des Coronas, in the Maladeta mountain, culminating at 3190 m.