129 major summits exceeding 3,000 metres have been counted in the Pyrenees. Néouvielle, Gourgs Blancs, Pic Maudit, Cylindre du Marboré, Montcalm… and many others. They are the lords of the Pyrenees, found mainly in the Central Pyrenees, the Luchonnais areas, the Maladeta and Néouvielle massifs, and in the Gavarnie-Mont Perdu  site. A paradise for experienced mountaineers...they have inspired both literature and dreams.
Their names are: Aneto (3,404 m), Posets (3,375 m), Balaïtous (3,144 m), Perdiguère (3,222 m), Mont Perdu (3,355 m), and Tallion (3,144 m). They are the stuff of mountaineers’ dreams who are proud to be able to add a 3,000 to their list of climbs.
In this land of eternal snow, it was thought there were 129 summits exceeding 3,000 metres in the Pyrenees, at least...
Specialists have been counting the famous 3,000s since the end of the 19th century, but despite modern means they are still not in agreement.
In his book “Les sommets de plus de 3,000m dans les Pyrénées” (summits exceeding 3,000m in the Pyrenees), Luis Alejos counts 212.  According to the official list by the UIAA (international union of alpinist associations), there are 129 principal summits and 83 secondary summits. Phew! The total is the same.
But figures aside - what counts is the outstanding beauty of the 3,000s. An emotion tinged with apprehension seizes those who dare to climb them. The fact is that, the mountain becomes selective above 3,000 metres - it chooses its play mates.


Climbing a 3,000
is the equivalent to climbing your dream,
it’s the “decisive moment”
to which every mountaineer aspires to.
The majority of the summits exceeding the crucial altitude can be found in the Pyrenees Centrales, between the Maladeta and the Gavarnie-Mont Perdu site, in the Néouvielle massif, the Luchonnais area and, of course the Vignemale.