The oldest prehistoric French man, the last wild bears, dinosaurs, unique subterranean wealth, two kings, a miraculous town, the biggest talc quarry in the world in Trimouns, the Cité de Carcassonne, the aragonites in the Esparros gulf...
What if the Pyrenees were unique?
It is well known that the great Catalonian painter, Salvador Dali, put the centre of the world at Perpignan station in one of his typical pranks.
Perhaps he was trying to show just how unique the Pyrenees are!



Let’s make a list:
Europe’s biggest cave in the Pierre-Saint-Martin; 5 different languages, including Basque, the oldest and most mysterious; one of the oldest Europeans, found in the Arago cave near Tautavel; Andorra, the highest European state; a world-renowned solar observatory on the Pic du Midi in Bigorre since 1878; 2,500 lakes; the Gavarnie cirque and a 423-metre waterfall - the highest in mainland France; bears living freely in the environment; France’s biggest dinosaur burial ground in the Haute-Vallée of Aude; a Proteus, the strange cave animal studied by the CNRS laboratory in Moulis, unique in Europe; the biggest beech forest in Europe in Iraty; 160 species of endemic flowers; a king of France, Henry IV, and another of Sweden, Bernadotte, both from Béarn; the Ile-sur-Tet organs, rare fairy chimneys; Europe’s longest navigable underground river;
and so much more !
It’s your turn to discover them!