From January to December, there is always something happening in the Pyrenees. An abundance of music, theatre, contemporary art, cinema, carnivals, Bear festivals... Most of the events take place in sumptuous natural settings. New events are added to the great classics every year - proof of the Pyrenees’ vitality.

Every winter since 1999, French television stars parade through the streets of Étigny, much to the delight of the Luchon population, spa visitors, and other curious tourists. Spectators come especially to see stars of Luchon’s Festival des Créations Télévisuelles, like others go to Cannes for the film festival in May.



The Pyrenees provides plenty of opportunities for amusement,
relaxation, and fun every season.

Budding anthropologists will enjoy events steeped in the local character, such as the Bear festivals in Vallespir, Prats de Mollo, Saint-Laurent de Cerdans and Arles-sur-Tech. Or the secular carnival in Limoux, the longest in Europe, with events every weekend from January to March. With a similar theme, there is the week-long RITE festival in Saint-Girons in August, and the world folklore festival in Montréjeau, with song, dance, and music from around the world.

Music lovers are spoilt for choice! There is sacred music at the festivals in Saint-Lizier (August) and Comminges (July-August), more simply the classical music festival in Lourdes in April, and others tinged with the blue note: Jazz in Comminges (May-June), Jazz in Luz (July-August), Jazz in Foix (July). Music enthusiasts can also pay tribute to the Pyrenees’ greatest composer, Gabriel Fauré at the magnificent festival which travels through the Ariège area from May to October: Musique au Pays de Gabriel Fauré; or savour the simply sublime at the unique Piano au Pic, with concerts at an altitude of 2,877 metres!  

The Festival de Cinéma Résistances (July) in Foix promotes fringe film-makers and artists.

There are other marvellous surprises like the amazing Pronomades. Held in the Haute-Garonne from June to December, the travelling programme includes circus acts, contemporary art performances, and street art.

The Festival de Gavarnie takes place in the majestic cirque. Every summer since 1985, the greatest texts have been performed in the world’s greatest theatre! Finally, it’s impossible to ignore the Festival Pablo Casals in Prades, in honour of the immense cello player who fled Francoist Spain to settle here. He declared,  “Music banishes hate from the loveless.”