Champions of France, of Europe, the world, of the Olympic games - winter and summer - gliding and combat sports, athletes who work wonders in Paralympic sports, a representative of the Olympic International Committee - they are all proud to carry Pyrenean values. Pyrenean athletes have been shining on the world’s sports stage for nearly a century
Some of the Pyreneesgreatest sporting glories have been in winter sports, rugby and canoeing.
In the first category, we have to mention Maurice and René Lafforgue and François Vignoles, who collected French championship titles in the 30s in different categories of downhill skiing, and even the world championship for descent in 1935 for Vignoles! In the 50s it was over to Henri Cazaux, French champion of giant slalom, and May Lafforgue, French slalom champion.
But it was at the beginning of the 60s that Pyrenean skiers really started to make their mark, when Annie Famose won 4 medals in the Portillo world championships in 1966, then three at the Grenoble Games in 1968.
In her footsteps, Isabelle Mir won silver for descent in the Grenoble Olympic Games, and repeated the exploit at the Val Gardena world championships, with Ingrid Lafforgue who won the gold medal for slalom. The next time we saw Pyreneans back on the winter podium was in 2003, when Xavier de le Rue won the world snowboard championship; and then in Turin in 2006 when his brother, Paul-Henri won the bronze medal for cross-country snowboard.
Because in the meantime, Tony and Patrice Estanguet had shone in the summer Olympic Games. The second won bronze in single canoeing in 1996 in Atlanta. As for Tony, he is triple world champion and triple Olympic champion, and now member of the International Olympic Committee.
Seven Pyreneans participated at the Sochi Games. Marie-Laure Brunet may not have repeated her Vancouver exploit, where she won bronze and silver in the biathlon, but another biathlete, Martin Fourcade starred in the Games, winning two Olympic titles and a silver medal.


Good shots, the Pyreneans are also skilful fencers thanks to the legendary Tarbes club, which led the Touya brothers, Gael and Damien to become Olympic team champions in Athens, and Fabien Lopez in Beijing in 2004, not to mention Anne-Lise, the younger Touya sister, multiple world champion.
This list of exploits would not be complete without mentioning the FC. Lourdes, Bagnères-de-Bigorre, the Stadoceste Tarbais or the Section Paloise - a total of 15 Brennus - the great Pyrenean rugby clubs and suppliers of international players: Maurice and Jean Prat - Monsieur Rugby - Christian Carrère, Jean-Henri Mir, André Abadie, Roland Bertrane, Jean Gachassin, Jean-Michel Aguirre, Pierre Berbizier, Louis Armary, Jean Bouilhou, and so many others.
Finally, we must not forget Solène Jabaqué, disabled skier, who has won so many medals, and who represented France at the Sochi Paralympics.