The Pyrenean Tourism Confederation is a non-profit organisation established in 1918.

Originally bringing together representatives of tourism, hydrotherapy and climate therapy, the association has, over time, approached new partners, including winter sports resorts, and today brings together stakeholders from across the Pyrenean Massif around the broader concept of "tourist mountain resorts."

Today, the Pyrenean Tourism Confederation’s key mission[&nbsp] is organised around two axes:

  1. Developing the brand image and reputation of the Pyrenees as an all-year-round vacation destination: strengthening the Snow Massif position, bringing out the concept of fitness and wellness in the Pyrenees and developing the attractiveness of summer tourist hiking/discovery;
  2. Managing and mobilising the network of public and private partners around a common dynamic; developing partnerships and communication within the Pyrenean region, initiating new activities towards new markets or those to develop, taking a Pyrenean Tourism economic observation approach.

In the beginning... 

"At the initiative of Mr. Louis Le Bondidier, president of the Pyrenees-Basque Coast Federation of Tourist Information Centres, and Mr. Comblera, president of the Pyrenees-Languedoc-Roussillon Federation of Tourist Information Centres, on 29 April 1918 the representatives of Tourism, Hydrotherapy and Climate Therapy met in Toulouse to create a Pyrenean Confederation comprising representatives and leading players in these different activities. Present at this meeting was Mr. Auscher, president of the Tourism Club of France, Mr. Famechon, president of the National Tourism Office, the senators Azemar of Haute-Garonne and Raynal of Ariège, Deputy Bedouce, and Mr. Lucien Saint, prefect of Haute Garonne

Mr. Le Bondidier was appointed first secretary of the Confederation, which met annually from 1918 to 1938, the war interrupting its activity. On the proposal of Mr. Pierre de Gorsse, Mr. Raymond Ritter and Mr. Maurice Chauvet, it was decided at the meeting held in Biarritz on 7 October 1945 that the Confederation would be restructured and receive formalising statutes. That’s what happened at the General Assembly held in Albi on 6 October 1946. Dr. Alfred Meillon was elected President of the Confederation, and the three presidents of the Tourist Information Centre Federations were made vice-presidents. Urbain Cazaux would succeed him at the General Assembly held the following year in Ax-les-Thermes."

The association’s declaration was officially made on 19 December 1946 at the Sub-Prefecture of Argelès Gazost. The name was: the Pyrenean Climate, Thermal and Tourism Confederation, whose head office was in the Pyrenean Museum – Château Fort de Lourdes.

The headquarters was officially transferred to Toulouse in 1993, followed by the head office in 1996.

The final name was: Pyrenean Tourism Confederation.