The Pyrenean repertory is one of France’s richest. The Pyrenean polyphonic song is part of the great tradition of polyphonic song in Southern Europe, Portugal, and Corsica. The reputation of some groups, like Nadau, or the Basques d'Oldarra have travelled way beyond regional borders. The Chanteurs Montagnards de Bagnères-de-Bigorre and their famous Halte-là, les montagnards sont là now have many heirs…
Unforgettable, the Pyrenean deputy singing Montagnes Pyrénées in the National Assembly; Les Chanteurs Montagnards, created by Alfred Roland in the 19th century in Bagnères-de-Bigorre is well known; and the proliferation of Basque choirs: proof of the importance of polyphonic song in the Pyrenees.
From the Basque country to Catalonia, from Bigorre to Béarn...Pyreneans are singers, and the Pyrenean polyphonic song is an integral part of the range’s history and tradition.
Songs which fill daily life, family reunions, and are taught in schools.
An extremely lively tradition...the songs are passed on to the younger generations, and even the Tarbes conservatory has opened a special class for traditional song.
It is also a beautiful way to perpetuate the different languages spoken in the Pyrenees, as undertaken by the Balaguèra group.
A tradition also maintained thanks to many events including the Hesteyade d'Ibos (Bigorre), the Siros festival (Béarn), and the Irrintzina festival in the Basque country. So many opportunities to discover the rich Pyrenean song.