Water, sky or land - summer for everyone

Water, land, sky - the Pyrenees is infinitely represented by the three elements in the summer.  Rafting, trout fishing, paragliding, via ferrata, mountain biking and little tourist trains - the Pyrenees has something for everyone in the summer.
You can go rafting, canyoning, or try a hydrospeed, supervised by professionals with total security, in one of the numerous wild rivers: Neste d'Aure, the Gave de Pau, the Défilé de la Pierre-Lys in the Aude area, or the Nive in the Basque country.

There is something for everyone, ranging from a family raft descent to a more sporty personal adventure in a hydrospeed.

More contemplative visitors will prefer a day fishing brown trout - the queen of the Pyrenean torrents. For beginners, there are many introductory courses available in a variety of places.
And for those of you who have always envied the bearded vulture, paragliding is the ideal chance to twirl around in the sky. An amazing way to discover the sumptuous landscapes of the Luchonnais, the Louran and Bearnaise valleys. First flights in tandem and introductory courses are available in almost every valley.



For lovers of firm ground, there are sporty adventures with a mountain bike on walking trails, or petrifying descents on the reconverted ski slopes.
Stevenson fans will prefer a donkey ride. Apart from the Cirque de Gavarnie, a Pyrenean classic, there are many other destinations, in the Ossau valley, Ariège, the Basque country, or the Catalonian Pyrenees regional natural park.
Finally, for those who can’t choose between sky and land can opt for the climbing trails with some of France’s most beautiful spots. Or try the via ferrata, which propose thrilling sensations from east to west, with vertiginous overhangs.
Vocations are born from so many introductions to rocky practices!


And we musn’t forget the little trains, such as La Rhune which celebrated its 90th birthday in 2014, the Artouste in the Ossau valley, or the incomparable Train Jaune - the famous “Canary” which connects the Villefranche-de-Conflent and Latour-de-Carol stations: 63 kilometres and a 1,200-metre slope, which passes through the Bolquère station at an altitude of 1,592 metres - the highest station in France!