Bugalaran, balade dans l'univers de la forêt ARAMITS

Bugalaran, balade dans l'univers de la forêt

Type : Foot

Start town : ARAMITS

Finish town : ARAMITS


Forestry is the Barétous Valley’s signature. You will discover this forest through its different species of trees, the use made of the land by man and its treasures. And if you summon up all your courage, perhaps you will enjoy the opportunity of experiencing an extraordinary adventure at the adventure park! Walking in the Forest of Bugalaran holds another pleasant surprise in store for you with a panorama over the valley: did you know that this is where the Musketeers really lived? A shady walk, perfect for very hot days.

Duration : 0,5 day(s)

Distance : 2,5 km

Height gain : 170 m


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