With shorter days and less sunshine, every year winter takes its toll on our vitality and health.

PyreneesTherapy offers the following solutions: ‘BALNEO – CRYO – SYLVO’


Sylvotherapy, well-being through nature

To effortlessly achieve a meditative state, head to the town of Ussat-les-bains in Ariège-Pyrénées. A professional sophrologist, Laurent Winsback will hand you the keys to letting go naturally. Over the course of a mini-break, he will introduce you to Sylvotherapy, which means the art of relaxation in direct contact with nature, during a series of sensory forest walks. This astonishing experience is also known as ‘forest bathing’. Benefitting from his guidance, throughout these walks you’ll learn how to let go, relax, and recharge your batteries. As a little bonus, he’ll also give you tips on how to recreate the same feeling at home, helping you to cope better with little day-to-day worries. A gentle, easy and incredibly effective method.


Cryotherapy, well-being through cold

You don’t need to be a high-level athlete to enjoy the benefits of low temperatures on the body. At the heart of the Hautes-Pyrénées, on the shores of a magnificent lake in Loudenvielle, Balnéa and its baths from around the world have a zone in its Japanese area dedicated to the technique - the ‘cryo-tonic pavilion’.

This pavilion takes the form of an ice cabin which is kept at a temperature of around 8° inside. Equipped with chromatherapy ceiling lights and a high-powered 4-seasons shower, everyone can enjoy the amazing experience of relaxation through cold.

52-year-old Anne, from Toulouse, tried immersion and gave us her impressions: ‘I always used to think of myself as someone who really felt the cold and was a real sun-worshipper, but as soon as I’d got over that psychological block, I didn’t look back. I felt real physical relief, forgot all about any tension and my muscle aches disappeared. What’s more, it’s much nicer here than in a specialist centre with machines that go down to -100°C, it’s more accessible, more fun, and in a setting that offers a real change of scenery.’


16 Balneotherapy, well-being through hot water
It’s no accident that the Pyrenees are the leading winter destination under the ‘Well-being’ banner, with ‘Ski &Spa’ packages that combine snowsports activities with access to some incredible balneotherapy centres, many located in the heart of ski resorts. The region owes its leading market position to its naturally hot thermal waters which have been soothing the aches and pains of the world’s greats since Roman times. Empress Eugenie and the writer Marcel Proust, among other celebrities, number among the devotees of Pyrenean waters.

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