The Pyrenees

‘It’s dreary outside, I’ve got no motivation, I feel tired’, ‘I need to breathe, I want some sunshine, I need a holiday’.

In winter, our mood can often resemble the sky outside: grey and overcast. We’re never far from falling into a funk.

However, there’s a simple remedy and it works on everybody. The Pyrenees.

What are the benefits of the Pyrenees ?

The Pyrenees offer a restorative holiday that provides major physical and psychological benefits. Its active ingredients are unique and totally natural. They work on anyone seeking relaxation, revitalisation and, obviously, enjoyment.


Clue number one. It’s geographical. It’s to do with the place itself: the Pyrenees. A mountain chain that people have often heard of but don’t truly know. A line of natural demarcation with Spain and the point where the ocean meets the sea, these mountains are unlike most of their European cousins. First of all, they’re tall, powerful, proud and majestic. They stretch from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean like a vast fresco, a huge work of art hand-painted by mother nature…

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Pyrenees’s active ingredients are threefold: beauty, serenity and kindness. When the days are at their shortest, it’s been the cure for an increasing number of people’s winter blues. From all four corners of the world, young but not only the young, skiers but not only skiers, parents but not only parents, the timid, the bold and the curious. They’ve all made the same choice to feel better in their mind and body. Without treatments, without medication, without dieting, without restrictions, without breaking the bank and above all… with plenty of fun. It only takes a weekend to start reaping the benefits. Of course, the results deepen as the days go by and a full week’s stay is the recommended dose, especially for family. And if you’re wondering what the benefits are, there are plenty - they can differ from person to person depending on your personality and needs: melting away stress, rediscovering serenity, feeling an urge to live life to the full, feeling rejuvenated. Putting a smile back on your face and filling you with a sense of calm because true happiness is just around the corner. The only side effect noted by some individuals is a desire to come and live in the Pyrenees one day. Nothing serious. It’s completely natural.