Why do Pyrenees have special powers?


Clue number one. It’s geographical. It’s to do with the place itself: the Pyrenees. A mountain chain that people have often heard of but don’t truly know. A line of natural demarcation with Spain and the point where the ocean meets the sea, these mountains are unlike most of their European cousins. First of all, they’re tall, powerful, proud and majestic. They stretch from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean like a vast fresco, a huge work of art hand-painted by mother nature…



Secondly, because the mountains have been better protected from the lunacy of money and the kind of people who are constantly searching for ways to keep making more. They haven’t been destroyed or harmed or spoiled. The men and women who live in the Pyrenees, and often have for generations, have watched over the area peacefully and wisely. That’s how the air, water, landscapes and the entire incredible Pyrenean ecosystem have remained unchanged. They’re among the purest in Europe. The same can’t be said of all mountain destinations.


Finally, the Pyrenees know how to extend a warm welcome. They’re warm-hearted southern girls with a sunny disposition. They’re bright and sparkling. As well as being beautiful, they have a natural charm that makes you fall for them. That’s quite rare in a mountain environment, which can often be fairly harsh. It’s really quite straightforward, Pyreneans like people. Simply, joyfully and sincerely. Conviviality, laughter, celebration, music, good food and good wine are all essential ingredients in their characteristically warm South-South-West French welcome. They take a genuine interest in others and those who come to visit them. For them, a ‘stranger’ arriving is an honour. Disappointing them would be out of the question. Quite the opposite.